SAS ipad program

21st Century Learning

Saint Anthony School is proud to be a 21st Century Learning School. 21st Century Learning Skills allow students to be actively engaged in their own learning, and helps prepare them to be successful in college, careers, and in citizenship. The Schools Of The Future Initiative Grant was a five year grant that allowed for professional development for teachers, curriculum development, implementation of technology, and new teaching methodologies and assessments.

To support acquisition of 21st Century Learning, the school purchased the necessary tools to implement technology in the learning environments: The school became a wireless Mac campus; installed Promethean Boards in nine classrooms and media displays in all classrooms; provided 1:1 iPads to Middle School students (5th-8th Grades), and iPads in every classroom. Information, media, and technology are incorporated to support individualized learning.

Instructional methodologies support acquisition of essential 21st Century Learning skills. “The 5 C’s”: Catholicity, Collaboration, Cooperation, Creativity, and Critical Thinking are integrated into these methodologies. Teachers received professional development, which fostered cross-collaborations with different grade levels; and project-based learning. Hydroponics, the school garden, aquaponics, and clean up of micro-plastics on Kailua beach are examples of this.

In 2008, Saint Anthony School collaborated with Saint John Vianney to form the Kailua Community of Catholic Learners (KCCL), and the Windward Cohort (2013), which also includes Saint Ann’s Model School in Kaneohe. These professional learning communities help to strengthen Catholic schools.

Through 21st Century Learning, it is our intention to provide our students with the skills necessary to thrive in a rapidly changing global economy.