st anthony school alter boys

Our Catholic Faith

“Catholic education is a lifelong process of human growth and development. It is more than schooling. It begins in the home, continues in the school and matures through involvement with the Christian community in the parish. These three dimensions of home, school and parish must work together if Catholic education is to truly attain its goal of forming mature human persons in the image and likeness of Christ.” (

Saint Anthony of Padua Church and School is part of the Diocese of Honolulu and a member of the Roman Catholic Church. Since l952, a basis of strong academics, morality, faith, and service to others have been integral parts of what drives our school.

Catholic teachings such as prayer, faith, reflection, and service are ingrained in daily practices, academic studies, and school life. All students study Religion daily to learn about the Catholic faith and values, as well its historical impact in the world. This includes the Bible, the Liturgical year, sacraments, lives of Jesus and the Apostles, and all the Saints, including St. Damien and St. Marianne Cope, etc.

All students have many opportunities for spiritual development, such as regular attendance at school liturgies, serving as Altar Servers, choir members, lectors, cantors, and each grade level takes a turn leading a school Mass. The school gathers to celebrate our faith and learning journey together, while remaining respectful and inclusive of other faiths. The school also makes arrangements for any students who are interested in receiving the Sacraments. Students also participate and assist in service-driven projects coordinated by faculty and other students.

As a Catholic school, we help children develop a personal relationship with God that will carry them throughout their lives, and calls them to be the best they can be, in their studies, work, service, and as members of society, in the loving and inclusive way that God wants us to be.

We call our students to be examples of Christ’s love, faith, respect and social service. It is our hope that they will take their Catholic education and use it to help others and make a difference in our world.