ELC kids playing

Early Learning Center

The Mission of the Early Learning Center

St. Anthony School Early Learning Center is committed to providing a nurturing, God-centered environment that fosters a deep sense of value for self and others, and an appreciation for learning.

The Early Learning Center Program

Our Early Learning Center programs focus on the social, emotional, physical, cognitive, and spiritual development of the child through age-appropriate activities within an exciting learning environment. We foster academic learning through conceptual themes and activities and encourage peer interactions through our daily schedule.

The ELC also focuses on building community and a sense of belonging by having students participate in activities such as The Blessing of The Animals, May Day presentations, the Christmas program and the school-wide and monthly Mass gatherings.

ELC Orientation Presentation

ELC Handbook

ELC Curriculum

  • Preschool Curriculum


    • God Gives Us Our Friends
    • God’s Gifts of Ourselves
    • God’s Gift of Our World
    • Growing As God’s Child
    • Seasons/Holidays/Holy Days
    • Daily/Class Prayers

    Support Classes

    • Library
    • Spanish
    • Music
    • Physical Education

    Reading Readiness/Phonics

    • Letter Recognition (A-Z)
    • Name Recognize
    • Rhyming words
    • Calendar (Days of the week, Months of the Year)


    • Identify basic colors
    • Identify basic shapes
    • Count from 1-20
    • Identify numerals 1-20
    • Classify object according to size, color, and shape
    • Make comparisons
    • Recognize patterns
    • Arrange things in sequential order


    • Germs/Our bodies
    • Weather/Seasons
    • Plants/Animals
    • Insects & Bugs

    Pre-Kindergarten Curriculum

  • Religion

    • God’s Gift of People
    • God’s Gift of Our World
    • God Gift of Ourselves
    • Growing as God’s Family
    • Prayers


    • Calendar
    • Journal writing
    • Center Activities
    • Field Trips/speakers

    Support Classes

    • Library
    • Spanish
    • Music
    • Physical Education

    Reading Readiness/Phonics

    • Letter recognition (A-Z)
    • Letters Aa-Zz -Beginning sounds (initial position)
    • Writing: Correct formation of letter (upper case and lower case)
    • Correct Pencil grip/scissors grip
    • Identify Rhyming Words


    • Counting
    • Shapes/Patterns
    • Classifying/Sorting
    • Sequencing
    • Identifying Numbers
    • Measuring


    • Weather/Seasons
    • Animals
    • Germs
    • Bugs/Insects
    • Plants
    • My Physical Being

    Social Studies

    • Holidays
    • Safety
    • Families

Other programs

The After School Program is an extension of the school day where students focus on learning through play within the structure of a school environment. It is available on a monthly basis ($150/mo) or on an hourly space available basis ($7.50/hr). A 24 hour request for child care is required for hourly care due to limited space. The After School Care program is open until 5:30p.m. everyday. See Extended Care Program

After School Enrichment Classes include:

  • Prime Time for Kids (Music and Movement)
  • Kidz Art
  • Foreign Language Instruction
  • Golf
  • Amazing Athletes

Class information and registration forms can be found at Extra-Curricular Programs. (See Extra-curricular Programs)

Safe and Caring Schools

The Early Learning Center also participates in the Safe and Caring Schools program. Safe and Caring Schools is a school-wide character education program that focuses on building a community of family and respectful learners. The monthly Safe and Caring theme is incorporated into the Early Learning curriculum as well.

Faculty and Staff

Our highly qualified staff is dedicated to providing a safe, secure, and nurturing learning environment that focuses on the development of the “whole child.” All teachers have a specialized degree in the field and are willing partners with parents in the care and education of young children. see faculty page