St. Anthony School Kailua

Resource Classes

Music Curriculum and Instruction

Grades ELC – 8

Music concepts and skills are taught for every grade level, but are adjusted for age appropriateness. Music builds literacy and understanding through singing, listening, moving, creating, critical thinking, and meaningful assessment. These concepts involve all learners. They learn to imitate, explore, describe, identify, label, practice, reinforce, read, interpret through visual representation, and create.

All students learn musical elements which include dynamics, tempo, articulation, vocal and instrumental tone color, duration, pitch, melodies, and harmonies, major and minor tonalities. Design is also addressed utilizing texture, form, and structure.

St. Anthony School Band

Grades 5 – 8 – Band  

The goal for our Band and Choir is to create musically literate students through the medium of music performance.  As such, all students will be expected to read and comprehend the written language of music, and to understand musical concepts and terms.  Students will be expected to hone their abilities to transform written notation into coherent aural form.

In Beginning Band, students will focus on the fundamentals of sound production and becoming familiar with music notation.  We will focus on developing musicianship with the instruments we have available in our school, which include the flute, clarinet, altro saxophone, trumpet, trombone,and snare drum.  Instruments are available for a yearly rental fee, or instruments may be purchased at a store or website of your choosing.

St. Anthony School Choir

Grades 2 – 8

In Choir, we will focus on posture, breathing, and vocal sound production.  Some performances include singing for our Christmas Program, at Windward Mall for Catholic Schools Week, and performing at the Hawaii Catholic Schools Annual Choral Festival.

Physical Education Class

Grades ELC – 8

Physical Education offers a wide range of conventional to non-conventional activities for the students to experience.  From individual activities to team activities, the students will be able to learn motor skills and game skills and apply it to teamwork and sportsmanship.

The objectives of the class are to promote a positive experience for the students, teach life skills, and learn anatomy and health-related concepts of the human body.

St. Anthony Visual Art Program

Grades K – 8

St. Anthony School visual arts program’s primary goal is the development of an awareness and appreciation of the visual experience and of the limitless possibilities for making things of beauty and delight.

It provides the students with opportunities to reflect as they develop both verbal and nonverbal attitudes necessary for life-long learners.

All students, regardless of their backgrounds, talent, disabilities, deserve access to the rich education an understanding that our visual arts provide. We aim to create the full art experiences that encourages and builds not only artist skills but self confidence.

Our Fine Arts program addresses the language of art, elements and principles, expressive qualities, how art is similar, different or related to other core subjects.

Students will organize knowledge and create express ideas through producing or performing works of art while strengthening their Catholic identity through sharing a appreciation in all things: art, nature, people, parents/family, environment, and community. We focus on the liturgical year.

Students will use and experiment with a wide variety of art materials based on grade level.

GOALS: All students are to be empowered in their own art-making abilities and encouraged to deepen their understanding of art as a reflection personal experience.

  • Make learning come alive
  • Helping students discover creative ways of thinking about questions and problems
  • Strengthening academic performance
  • To function in society as producers that are capable of making informal judgments that enhance the ability of their lives
  • Develop visually literate and aesthetically sensitive students
  • Interpretive, analytical, and literal abilities

Writing Class

Grades 7 – 8

The Middle School Writing class meets once each six day cycle. Students develop their vocabulary and writing skills with online sources which provide access to articles on current events. Assignments meet 21st century standards and the Common Core requirements for middle school writing. Students are challenged to use new vocabulary and rhetorical modes including narration, description, comparison and contrast, persuasion, process, and research. Instructive feedback is provided to guide revision on finished drafts. Emphasis is placed on reflection and elaboration, focus and clarity, grammar and mechanics. Students submit their assignments online to an Edmodo or Newsela account which is limited to interaction with the teacher and students in the writing class. Long range projects are collaborative in nature and address particular needs within the Catholic school community. Grades are based on points accumulated throughout the quarter and include a conduct and effort grade as well.