blessing of the animals

Blessing of the Animals

Despite the rainclouds, nothing could dampen the excitement of the students, families and teachers as everyone gathered for the annual “Blessing of the Animals” in the school courtyard. Holding on tightly to leashes, cages and fish bowls, the students proudly gathered with their beloved assortment of dogs, cats, birds, bunnies, guinea pigs, fish and turtles. Father Nick Brown led the prayer, and with bowed heads, everyone prayed for all of the pets that were present, at home, or beyond.  The animals were overjoyed and a few joined in with a few loud “woof woofs–AMEN!”, certainly adding to the blessing!

Next, Father Exse and Father Nick made their way around the courtyard accompanied by altar servers, sprinkling every pet with Holy Water.  All pets received a blessing, whether they were at school, in a photograph, or stuffed animals. Light rain showers were “a second, bigger blessing for our pets from Heaven!” according to Father Nick. Everyone enjoyed getting a blessing, meeting furry friends, and not even the weather could dampen our spirits.

Surely Saint Francis of Assisi would have been happy!

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