Catholic Schools Week- Monday, February 1, 2016

Team Shirt Day: Local, national, and international teams were well-represented by the shirts that our students, faculty, and staff wore that day! Basketball, football, soccer, paddling, and other sports teams would have been proud to know that so many of their fans walk the halls and grounds of St. Anthony School!

St. Anthony School’s Band and Choir provided music and songs to start off our school day.  The band played “This Little Light” and “Joyful Joyful.”  The students were also introduced to the sights and sounds of the instruments through a demonstration from each section of the band.  The Choir entertained us with their angelic voices singing several songs including Na Pua ‘O Kailua, ‘E Ala ‘E, and All You Works of God.

The Safe and Caring activity, with the 8th Graders as the leaders of each “family,” promoted cooperation and teamwork among the students. The Class of 2016 did an excellent job in engaging the students from Kindergarten through Grade 7.  All the families began the event with a “greeting activity,” which was followed by a discussion about bullying.  One of the other activities involved problem solving and communication skills to build a “plastic cup pyramid.” The students stacked the cups using only a rubber band with strings tied to it and without touching the cup with their hands!































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