ELC Kids at fire station 18

ELC Visits Kailua Fire Station

The students of the Early Learning Center enjoyed their visit to the Kailua Fire Station l8.  After a brief presentation from Firefighter Cameron, Cole (PK2) volunteered to demonstrate what to do if there is fire on your clothes (Stop, Drop, and Roll).  Great job!

Miss Katie (PS2) became a temporary firefighter when she got to try on the firefighter’s outfit, to  show that, even all dressed up, firefighters are safe and not to be afraid of them if you see them all dressed up.

The ELC students impressed the firefighters with their knowledge of what number to call in an emergency (911), what to do if there is a fire in your house (Stay Low and Go, and Get Out and Stay Out).

The students were treated to a tour of the station, including sleeping, bathing, and eating quarters, and of the different trucks—the pumper truck, which pumps the water, and the ladder truck, which holds the ladder. Children got to hold the hose nozzle, and touch and feel some of the tools and equipment that the firefighters use.

As a special treat, the firefighters raised the ladder (100 feet high!!) and Firefighter Jay climbed all the way up to the sky and took our picture from way up high.  What a fun way to end our unit on Fire Safety.

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