St. Anthony School Kailua

From Miss to Mrs! Congratulations to the New Mrs. Tiana Estabilio

On May 1st, Tiana DeCosta, a St. Anthony School Pre-Kindergarten teacher married Mr. Erik Estabilio, who happens to also be a teacher. As their wedding took place during the school day, Ms. Tiana invited her students. She was very happily surprised to discover that all the students from the Early Learning Center, as well as many classes from the main school, had come to witness her Sacrament of Matrimony. Father Marlon Belmonte was the officiant and Mr. Stern, the school music teacher, provided the music!

Ms. Tiana is a graduate of St. Anthony School which she attended since she was a student in the Early Learning Center. In fact, her entire family; her three siblings and her parents are also St. Anthony School graduates, so being part of the school activities has been a family affair.

Following the ceremony, the Early Learning Center students hurried outside to prepare a special surprise for their teacher and her new husband. The 73 students formed a path for the newlyweds to walk through, while they waved and blew bubble wands to shower them with bubbles! It was a lot of fun and the newlywed school teachers were all smiles. Congratulations!

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