Lemonade Wars

The Third Grade read the book, The Lemonade Wars, written by Jacqueline Davis.  In the story, a brother and sister compete against each other to see who has the best lemonade stand ever.  Our Third Graders decided to do the same thing!  They formed five teams with the goal to raise money to support two charities.  

While working on this project, the students used business strategies including marketing, advertising, pricing and promoting their unique stands the week before the sale.  The sale was held on Wednesday, May 9th, and each stand had lemonade and a lot more, including musubi, ice cream, baked goods, etc.  We had great parent support too….including one whose name tag said, Lemonade Master!.  

In the end, everyone had a great time and we all enjoyed the lemonade and yummy snacks!  The students raised $500 which they’ve donated $250 to the Hawaiian Humane Society and $250 to the Meals on Wheels Organization!

Thank you to the students for this fun activity, and thank you to all who supported their worthy causes!

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