St. Anthony School Kailua

MAHALO for a Wonderful Teacher Appreciation Week – May 6 to 10, 2019

The teachers and staff arrived at school on Monday, May 6th and were delighted to find that their classroom or office doors had been decorated by parents and children to honor them for Teacher Appreciation Week! The door designs were fun and very clever and focused on the good qualities of their teacher and the subject they taught. Organized by the PTSG; parents and students had met the day and night before to decorate the doors to the wee hours of the night! All the teachers loved the doors but most especially they were thankful for the effort, creativity and time of those who volunteered to create them. Thank you for making every member of our school community feel so special!

On Friday, May 10th, the teachers were treated to a special luncheon featuring delicious Portuguese Cuisine including classic dishes such as Portuguese Bean Soup and Bread, Vinha Dalhos, Malasadas, Bacalao and much more! The homemade dishes were prepared by Mrs. Millie Gilmore, Mrs. Eva Aquino, and Mr. Guy Mello! Everything was so authentic that it felt that the teachers had traveled to Portugal with the meal and beautiful Portuguese decorations. Thank you also to the PTSG Board and parents, Mrs. Julie Benedetto, Mrs. Cindy Kaul, Mrs. Nikki DeWitt, Mrs. Stephanie Guy, and Mrs. Eva Aquino who helped set up the room, serve and clean up.

The teachers also got to shop at the first ever, SAS Market Place! They were provided with a Mahalo shopping bag and were able to browse through the colorful market that the PTSG had set up in the hall. The teachers got to select from the assortment of gifts that had been donated. The teachers loved the experience and filled their bags with gifts supplied by the generosity of our school parents. The goodies included gift cards, candies/baked goods, flowers, water bottles or mugs, soaps, coffee, and much more! It was so much fun and everyone felt so appreciated and very special. Thank you to all the parents, PTSG Board Members, and students for making this a very special week for us. We are so proud of our students and families and are grateful that you are a part of our SAS ‘ohana!

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