St. Anthony School Kailua

Morning Drop-Off & Afternoon Pick-Up

Morning Drop-Off & Afternoon Pick-Up

Please follow the directions of the staff directing the traffic. Limited parking is available in the Outreach parking lot and along Makawao Street. Please do not park in the driveways of our neighbors. 

K-8 Drop-Off 

Parking is available in the Outreach parking lot and on the street for those walking on campus. Be sure you are not walking in with cars and use the gated area and walk behind the kitchen to reach the Primary building, K-3 & Middle School. The gate opens at 7:20 AM for drive-thru drop-off on campus. Those with children in K-3 and Middle School veer to the left, and grades 4 and 5 will drive straight ahead. Grades 3-MS can also get dropped off straight ahead but must heed the directions of staff when walking to their classes. All Middle School students will go upstairs using the stairwell by the bike rack. When leaving campus, you will be directed when to merge onto Makawao Street. Please be aware of those walking and of other cars.

Early Learning Center Drop Off 

ELC drop-off is in front of the ELC from 7:30 AM to 7:50 AM. Faculty and staff will assist with this process. Please be sure to follow the cones and watch for pedestrians and other vehicles. Students will be helped out of the car by staff, signed in by parents, and escorted inside the safety gate to class. Please do not let your child walk in by themselves after these hours. All ELC students must be signed in.

K-8 Pick-Up 

Vehicles may wait in the Outreach parking lot. Please do not park in front of the church, Makawao, or Kalaheo streets, or block side streets or driveways. The gate will open at 2:30 PM, 1:10 PM, or 11:50 AM depending on the day’s schedule. If the gate is not open you will need to continue driving until a safe and legal space opens or the gate opens. The gate will be open for 20 minutes – arriving at a later time will alleviate traffic build-up and make your pick-up quicker.

K-2 Pick-Up 

They will wait with their teachers, classmates, and older siblings by the Primary Wing. These parents should veer to the left inside the courtyard.  Students in Grades 3-8 will be picked up in the Office Wing area with teachers and older siblings – parents should drive straight ahead. Older students are asked to wait with the youngest sibling in the family. Please do not leave your vehicle when picking up. Teachers will see you and bring your child to you. All movement of students stops when cars are exiting. Safety is our priority.