St. Anthony School Kailua

Online Enrollment

Online enrollment is the next step for students admitted to attend St. Anthony School, or students returning for the next school year.  If you’ve read the instructions and you’re ready to jump in, just click the “FACTS Family Sign-In” button below.  For instructions about Online enrollment, read below.


Logging in to FACTS Family Online / Online Enrollment

To complete our Online Enrollment / Re-Enrollment Process, you will login to our school’s family portal, “FACTS Family Online” (formerly ParentsWeb) to access our Enrollment system for your child/ren.

Please follow the Instructions for Accessing Online Enrollment and FACTS Family Online Login listed below:

  • Please go to the FACTS Family Online Login Page
  • After the Login screen opens select/or input the following:
    • District Code: SAS-HI
    • Username/Password: Type in your “User Name” and “Password.”  If you have forgotten your username or password, please click on the link provided.  You will receive an email from with a link to a page where you can change the password.
    • Click the “Parent” button.
    • Click the “Login” button.
  • After logging in, click on the Apply/Enroll button in the left menu.
  • Click on the Enrollment/Reenrollment button.
  • Our Online Enrollment system will open with a link to the enrollment packet for each of your children.

The Instructions and Enrollment Checklist page of the enrollment packet contains supplemental enrollment forms that also must be submitted.  Further instructions for these forms are provided online.

You may notice that some of your information is already in place.  Simply update or replace outdated information.

Instructions for Submitting a Packet

Did you think you already finished the enrollment process?  If so, please follow the steps below to check your packet.

  • Please open your student’s enrollment packet by following the steps above.  You should see a navigation bar on the left side listing all the sections of the packet.
  • Do any of the sections show a hazard icon next to it (a yellow, upside down triangle with an exclamation point in it)?  If so, it means that section is not complete.  Please click on each item marked with a hazard icon and complete that section.
  • Do all the sections show a green check mark next to them?  If so, you’ve successfully completed all parts of the enrollment packet and you just need to submit it.
  • Click on the last item in the left-side navigation bar, “Enrollment Packet Review.”  If you completed all the sections, you should see two buttons near the top.  “View PDF” generates a PDF of your packet to view, save, and print.
  • “Complete Review and Submit Enrollment Packet” is the magic button that finishes up your work and submits it.  Click that and you should be done for this student.  Don’t forget to complete a packet for each of your students if you have more than one.

What if you show all green check marks, but you don’t see the button to submit the packet?   Contact us at or (808) 261-3331.

Ready to Start?  Sign-in to FACTS Family Online to begin!