SAS Alumni Recruit for Damien

We were very pleased to welcome students from Damien Memorial High School, who are also Saint Anthony School graduates.  Royce P. (10th), Ana D. (11th), Kelsey P. (12th) and Kaylee C. (10th) who gave a presentation to our Eighth Graders about life in high school.

They shared about their experiences and how it is a lot of work, but that their time at Saint Anthony’s helped prepare them for the workload and responsibilities.  They went on to say that they are enjoying high school and are being encouraged to “think outside the box” and find things that interest them as they prepare for college and their future.  They remember their time here fondly and said , “We miss you!”

This is one of many school presentations that the Eighth Graders will attend as they prepare to apply for High School.

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