St. Anthony School Kailua

SAS Science Fair 2020

The St. Anthony Middle School Seventh and Eighth Grade Science Fair showcased a variety of interesting projects and experiments that the students had worked on over the course of several months.  The students investigated, experimented and researched on topics of their interest.  Working independently or in groups, the students followed the Scientific Method to form their hypothesis, experiments, research reports, and models.  The display boards, experiment materials, and engineering models were on display for the school students and reviewed by the judges.  Students stood by their boards to discuss their projects and to answer questions.  All projects were aligned to NGSS standards which included an engineering component.  At Parent Night, the students also had a chance to share their projects.

The winning projects moved on to the District Science Fair at Hanalani School held on Saturday, February 15, 2020. Congratulations to all the teams; Honorable Mention: Hi’ipoi Nicely Akana and Emma Lee. Team 1: Sarah Pacheco, Noelle Mello, Jacob Moore.  Team 2: Bella Benedetto and Reef Straley. Team 3; William O’Donnell, Reagan Cabias, and Evan Little.

At the District Fair,  Team 1: Jacob Moore, Sarah Pacheco, and Noelle Mello finished 1st in the Category of Bio-Medical and Health Sciences;  and Team 3: William O’Donnell, Reagan Cabias, and Evan Little, also finished 1st in the Category of Engineering and Mechanics, and also won the overall Fourth Place from over 130 projects.  These two winning teams will move on to the State Science Fair.

Congratulations to all the students who inspired us with their projects!

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