St. Anthony School Kailua

Our Students

Throughout our history, the students of St. Anthony School have been recognized in the community for their academic, athletic, and personal achievements. St. Anthony students are lifelong learners, who learn and work together with their teachers in an educationally challenging environment while upholding the values of the Catholic faith, not only within the school setting, but also in the greater community.

Schoolwide Learning Expectations

St. Anthony School students are:

L: Loving Catholic School Students
1. Pray Daily.

2. Know and live our Catholic Faith.

3. Treat others as Jesus taught.

O: Open Minded Learners
1. Develop skills and increase knowledge.

2. Think critically to solve problems.

3. Appreciate the Arts.

V: Virtuous Neighbors
1. Value diversity and work for social justice.

2. Practice stewardship and respect all life.

3. Participate in community service.

E: Effective Communicators
1. Listen attentively and respond empathetically.

2. Collaborate respectfully and use technology responsibly.

3. Express meaningful ideas through speech, visual arts, and writing.