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Student Activities


Extra-curricular activities include volleyball, basketball, track, cross country, Student Council, drama, band, choir, talent show, May Day Court, and any other school sponsored activity.

Students who participate in extra-curricular activities represent St. Anthony School not only on our campus but in the community. They are role models for our student body. It is considered a privilege to participate in any extra-curricular activity.

In order for any student to participate in any extra-curricular activity, he/she:

  • Must maintain a cumulative grade point average of 70% with no failing grades
  • Must maintain a satisfactory [S] marks in conduct and effort
  • Must be a good role model for our student community

Students who choose to participate in any extra-curricular activity will be evaluated every two weeks during the period of the activity. Students who do not meet the requirements set forth in the grading period will not be allowed to participate until the next evaluation period. Once satisfactory improvement is made, the student will be reinstated to the program.

Student Council

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Extracurricular Programs

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