2017 Student Council

Student Council

2017-2018 Student Council

2017-2018 Student Council
President Makayla Seeger
Vice President 1 Camryn Chun
Vice President 2 Zoe Tevaga
Secretary Henna Chong Tim
Treasurer Starley DuPonte
Sergeant at Arms Ben Honma
Advisor Mrs. Donna Mintie

2017 Student Representatives

2017-2018 Student Senators
Preschool Senators Sam Gomolski and Meghan Elliott
Prekindergarten Senators Iwi Maxey and Maile Goldcamp
K1 & K2 Senators Iris Sloan and Ethan Heidt
1A &1B Senators Jayce Akau and Katelyn Bolton
2A & 2B Senator Kyle Thompson
3rd, 4th, 5th Grade Senators Skylen DuPonte and AyJa Miller
Good Morning St. Anthony!

My name is Makayla Seeger, and I am honored to be your student council president.
As your president, I will be open to all suggestions, ideas, requests, and prayers you may have. This year, we are going to do something different in which we will have senators to represent each class. Next week expect your senator to come to your class with a message mailbox. This is where you will have an opportunity to provide your input on how we can make positive changes to our school. I am confident with the student council, senators, students, and teachers together we can make this the best school year ever! Please know that aside from the message mailbox you may come to any of the student council members or senators as well.

We have a lot of fun things in store for you, similar to what we have going on today. Middle school is hosting a bake sale in which we are raising money for Westside High school in Texas that has been affected by Hurricane Harvey. How cool is that? We will be providing school supplies and uniforms to 30 tenth graders.

Please look forward to doing more of these types of things in the future!

Thank you!

Go Warriors!