SAS PTSG Malasadas event

PTSG’s Malasada Day… a Sweet Success!

On February 28, 2017, delicious hot malasadas were on sale to celebrate Shrove Tuesday.  Mrs. Irene Perreira and her daughters, Anne and Millie Gilmore, mother of Moriah Gilmore (8th) and Jaron Gilmore (3rd), prepared their family’s secret malasada recipe with the school and parish for the second time in four years.
With the help of the PTSG President, Stephanie Guy, and her husband, Lloyd, the mixing of the batter began at 2:30am. The mixed dough was marked with the “Sign of the Cross” before being left to rise in pans.  And did it ever rise, bubbling up, doubling its size!  Thankfully with help from our SAS parents, the malasadas were shaped into balls, fried in hot oil, rolled in sugar and went on sale at 6:30am.  By 9:00am, they were sold out and over 1700 malasadas had been purchased. The school earned $1500 too!
We’d like to thank the Perreira and Gilmore families, the PTSG, and everyone who donated the ingredients, prepared them, and purchased the delicious malasadas!