Mother and daughter reunion

Just another typical Wednesday

It was just another typical Wednesday for 6th Grader, Breanna Luchetti, who was working diligently in computer class. So when she heard her teacher announce a visitor, she continued with her work, thinking it was just another prospective family on a school tour. After a few moments of silence, curiosity got the best of her and she and looked up to see her dad standing over her, holding his phone. She then heard a voice say, “Hi Honey” and realized that it was her mother, Natalia Luchetti, who was on a surprise visit home from deployment in Italy and Japan. LTJG. Luchetti, of the US Navy, was on a four-day visit home, after which she joined her squadron in Whidbey, Washington.

Breanna has been attending St. Anthony School since February 4, 2015, with the care and love of her dad, AWF1 Joseph Luchetti, also in the Navy. She is an Honor student at St. Anthony School and a member of the Student Body Council. Breanna is a member of the Drama club, and participates in Volleyball for the CSAL. Breanna will finish her studies here but will be moving to Jacksonville, Florida at the end of the school year. Breanna is a special student from a military home. She is full of resilience, intelligence and strength, and we are proud to call her a St. Anthony School Warrior. We are so happy to share these photos of her surprise reunion with her family.