Beach Clean up

Beach Cleanup Day 2018

Pope Francis tells us that we must be good servants of our earth! On Monday, January 29th, the entire school headed across the street to beautiful Kailua Beach to do just this! Thanks to the support and an educational presentation from Dorae Shinn from the Kokua Foundation, Kailua Beach Adventures, and Plastic Free Hawaii, the students and teachers learned about protecting our beaches from “micro-plastic” that the tides bring in. The students used sifters and removed bags of small plastic pieces before heading back to school.

Celebrating Veteran’s Day 2017

On Veterans Day we stop and take time to honor our veterans and members in the military to thank them for their service to our country.

At St. Anthony School, some classes invited special guests who were parents in the military for the “Invite a Vet to School” day.  In PS1 and K1, Mr. Smith talked  about the different branches of the military and the work he does to serve others in the Marine Corps.  In K2, Mr Wethe talked to the students about the different types of work in the  Marine Corps including his job of flying helicopters. Dr. Recupero was in the Army and she showed the K2 students  a photo with men and women wearing the uniforms of the different military branches.  She also set up a hands-on hospital in the classroom and the students practiced listening to each others hearts, bandaging broken limbs, getting and giving shots, etc..  In the PK2 class, Dr. Campagna, who is in the Army talked about how the military helps take care of sick  people in the military and in the greater community.  The guests were outstanding  teachers, and the students learned a lot and enjoyed their visit. Thank you to Garner and  Greyson Smith, Emmaline Wethe,  Victoria and Apolina Recupero, and Nico Campagna  for sharing their parents with us.

St. Anthony School honored our Veterans and military with the message, ” God Bless Our Vets” on the fence of the two- story building, surrounding it with red, white and blue ribbons with the names of special Veterans or military personnel, many who are our loved ones and friends.

May God continue to bless our Military and Veterans always for their dedication and service to our Country!

Happy Veteran’s Day! 🇺🇸

PTSG’s Malasada Day… a Sweet Success!

On February 28, 2017, delicious hot malasadas were on sale to celebrate Shrove Tuesday.  Mrs. Irene Perreira and her daughters, Anne and Millie Gilmore, mother of Moriah Gilmore (8th) and Jaron Gilmore (3rd), prepared their family’s secret malasada recipe with the school and parish for the second time in four years.
With the help of the PTSG President, Stephanie Guy, and her husband, Lloyd, the mixing of the batter began at 2:30am. The mixed dough was marked with the “Sign of the Cross” before being left to rise in pans.  And did it ever rise, bubbling up, doubling its size!  Thankfully with help from our SAS parents, the malasadas were shaped into balls, fried in hot oil, rolled in sugar and went on sale at 6:30am.  By 9:00am, they were sold out and over 1700 malasadas had been purchased. The school earned $1500 too!
We’d like to thank the Perreira and Gilmore families, the PTSG, and everyone who donated the ingredients, prepared them, and purchased the delicious malasadas!