Beach Clean up

Beach Cleanup Day 2018

Pope Francis tells us that we must be good servants of our earth! On Monday, January 29th, the entire school headed across the street to beautiful Kailua Beach to do just this! Thanks to the support and an educational presentation from Dorae Shinn from the Kokua Foundation, Kailua Beach Adventures, and Plastic Free Hawaii, the students and teachers learned about protecting our beaches from “micro-plastic” that the tides bring in. The students used sifters and removed bags of small plastic pieces before heading back to school.

Middle School Trip to Kawainui Marsh

SAS middle school students explored the Kailua ahupua’a with the Hawaii Nature Center through a grant funded by the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Students identified endangered waterbirds, tested water quality, investigated wetland biodiversity, and helped remove invasive species. Students learned through hands-on science activities ways to practice stewardship of this precious resource.